Two New Releases!  Things at KTR HQ are so crazy right now that we haven't had  a chance to update our website completely.  But we didn't want to wait any longer to let you know about two amazing new releases.  We will have official band pages up soon. Until then check out these two new releases and download a track from each!!!!


Flamingo NosebleedBlood On The Basement Floor

Flamingo Nosebleed is a three-chord punk band from Fort Wayne, IN that started in 2008. Composed of Jake Emissions on vocals and guitar, Phil Nieswender on bass and backups, and Mike Singleton on drums and backups, they're one of the most energetic live punk bands out today. With their newest release on Kid Tested Records, "Blood On The Basement Floor," they are ready to take the punk scene by storm.


Order from Rev HQ or from Interpunk now!


Flamingo Nosebleed - "I Know"
Flaming Nosebleed_ I Know.mp3
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Jetty Boys - Let 'Er Rip

 The Jetty Boys formed in 2006. By late 2007, the Jetty Boys recorded their first demo, which ended up being their first official release ("Rally!," 2008). Since then, the Jetty Boys has gone on to play over 400 shows and released two full-lengths and a bunch of split records.


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Jetty Boys - Wasted In The Basement
Jetty Boys_Wasted In The Basement.mp3
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The day you have been waiting for is almost here.  The Bugs are ready to release their newest masterpiece, "Missle To The Middle East."  


Here's the Bug's Bio  - just to whet your appetite... Oh and the track listing as well.


Hello folks,


The Bugs formed in early 2005. At first, it started with a couple of us hanging around and talking about how the San Diego scene is horrible and not up to par with what it should be. About 10 beers later and 100 times the confidence, we decided that we weren't taking it anymore. Thus came the birth of The Bugs.


We instantly started shootin' idea's around for song titles and a couple riffs. "Lesbo! Lesbo!" was the first song that came up. This got the ball rolling and the next thing we knew we had a whole album full of genuis, carefully formed ballads. I mean, with songs like "I Wish I Was A Mexican" and "Dave Navarro's Goatee Fucking Sucks", where can you go wrong?


Now we have a new album called “Missile To The Middle East.” And it’s more genius than the last. It has special guests like Ben Weasel, Joe Queer and Blag The Ripper.


Though this isn't much of a bio, but it is what it is. That's the mentality of The Bugs. Having fun, poking fun and taking life and all it's ridiculousness for what it is.



Dangerous Dave


Track Listing:

I’m Getting Fat

Back in The Barrio

Eharmony Rejected Me

I’m Single Again

Goin’ Down To Brown Town

Welcome to the World


My Favorite Baseball Team Is Fucking Bad

I Do Butt Stuff

Missile to the Middle East


EHarmony Rejected Me” features Ben Weasel

I’m Single” features Joe Queer

I Do Butt Stuff” features Blag The Ripper


Release information will be announced soon! Stay tuned for details!!!!


Two new Kid Tested Records CDs will be out in time for the Parasites/Promdates summer tour which will start June 13th!  Check out the tour dates below!

First off, Parasites are back with their 10th full length album, "Non-Stop Power Pop Vol. 1". (KTR 012) It contains 14 power pop punk gems, and has a neat retro feel, while still sounding unmistakably Parasitical!  The Parasites already will begin recording their next album this winter at Drastic Sounds in Nashville, TN.

The Promdates from Alesund, Norway play an exciting brand of bubblegum pop punk. They will be making their USA debut this summer with their new album "Coffee's Hot, We're Not" (KTR 014), and will be touring with Parasites. "Coffee's Hot, We're Not" is a must hear for fans of the Ramones, The Yum Yums, and mid 90s Lookout Records bands.

And here's a bonus - a third KTR release is on the  way - The long awaited Guts album "Songs of Freedom" (KTR 013) will finally be available, too! If you thought there would never be a follow up to the Guts "Let It Go" album, here's fourteen new songs to prove you wrong!

Stay tuned for more information and details on ordering the new releases.  Go check out the Parasites and Promdates on tour!


Mail order information for all the new releases will be posted here soon.

Braceface will be playing their brand of snotty Pop Punk at some of these shows, too!


All the dates are posted below - see you at the show!

Parasites, one of pop punk's longest running bands will be making their big return this summer!
They will have a new album out on Kid Tested Records called "Non-Stop Power Pop Vol. 1".
Backing them up, and also making their USA debut will be Norway's bubblegum pop punk band, The Promdates!
They will also be releasing a new album on Kid Tested Records called, "Coffee's Hot, We're Not"!
Braceface will be playing their brand of snotty Pop Punk at some of these shows, too!

The Promdates:
June 13th: Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class : Parasites + The Promdates
June 14th: Detroit, MI @ Corktown Tavern :  Parasites + The Promdates
June 15th: Fort Wayne, IN @ The Brass Rail :  Parasites + The Promdates
June 16th: Chicago, IL @ Township :  Parasites + The Promdates
June 17th: Mishawaka, IN @ Wander Inn :  Parasites + The Promdates
June 18th: Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn :  Parasites + The Promdates
June 19th: Huntington, WV @ The V Club :  Parasites + The Promdates
June 20th: Martinsburg, WV @ MJ's Pub :  Parasites + The Promdates + BraceFace
June 21st: Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar (INSUBORDINATION FEST) : The Promdates
June 22nd: Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar (INSUBORDINATION FEST) : Parasites + BraceFace
June 24th: Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar (Upstairs)  Parasites + The Promdates + BraceFace
June 25th: Lake Ronkonkoma NY @ The Home Towne Tavern :  Parasites + The Promdates
June 26th: Pittsburgh, PA @ The Inn Termission Lounge :  Parasites + The Promdates

Better Luck Next Times "A Lifetime of Learning" is finally here.  See why these Southern California boys are already hugely popular in Japan (they headline 2,000 seaters over there).  Here's some footage of them in 2006.

You can download the song "Gone But Not Forgotten" by clicking below.  


Right now you can exclusively buy "A Lifetime Of Learning" from our friends at Shop Radio Cast (the people at Punk Radio Cast) by clicking here. 

Better Luck Next Time "Gone But Not Forgotten" from the album A Lifetime of Learning
11 Track 11.mp3
MP3 Audio File 6.1 MB

4/24/11 - Our online store is temporarily closed while we switch to a new and better system.  Stay tuned for an announcement when it is back up.


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Check out the video for One Short Fall's "One Way Trip (to Hell)" from their debut full length Nothing Left To Say in the A/V Club.

New additions to the Kid Tested Store:


Parasites:  New shirts available in the merchandise section.  We also have a small quantity of the limited edition Spainish version of Parasites new full-length, named "Solitario" available on the Solitary merch page, click here for details.


Kid Tested Records Logo Shirts at ridiculously low prices while they last. 


And new shirts from The Yum Yums, The Manges and Torture The Artist.


Click themerchandise link for  info!

The Yum Yums
The Yum Yums

The Yum Yums may be pop-punk's best kept secret, until now. Don't believe us:


“The first time I heard the Yum Yums, I couldn't believe there was a band this good that I hadn't heard of before... See, the world’s a fucked up place but knowing The Yum Yums are around makes me feel better and restores my faith in mankind. One thing’s for sure – I’m always walking on the sunny side of the street when I have The Yum Yums in my head.” -Joe Queer


The Yum Yums are from Norway and have been playing, released records, toured and basically been arrogant powerpop-stars since 1993.  Their records have been hard to find and so we at Kid Tested couldn't be prouder and happier to be releasing a collection of twenty five of their sugar coated pop punk classics songs.   It's the best of the Yums Yums on one disc, "Sweetest Candy", including new improved versions of classic songs as well impossible to find originals!

Torture The Artist
Torture The Artist

Torture The Artist's debut full length CD is here!


Torture the Artist, produced by Mass Giorgini (Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Anti-Flag), is the self titled debut release by the new band Torture the Artist made up of ex-members of Screeching Weasel, Common Rider and Squirtgun along with singer / songwriter / guitarist Jorge Orillac. The album features 12 songs ranging from minor key melodic punk rock anthems in the spirit of Alkaline Trio, to psychobilly-tinged rockers a la Living End, to straight-up pop-punk sing-alongs reminiscent of Green Day – in fact, this tri-lingual band even manages to throw two songs sung in Spanish into the mix, all without missing a beat.  Inspired by the novel Torture the Artist by author Joey Goebel, the band was able to convince Mr. Goebel to participate in their first release by contributing original liner notes featured in the CD booklet.  If the saying that the best art is produced by the most tortured of artists is true, then Torture the Artist must be among the longest-suffering and most angst-ridden of musicians.

Parasite's Vinyl
Parasite's Vinyl

Spotted in the wild, Parasites "Solitary" LP on orange vinyl.



Parasites - Solitary
Parasites - Solitary

The Parasites are one of the longest running Pop Punk bands ever, and now after years of lying low, they're finally back with their first all new album in over a decade. 'Solitary' is a smorgasbord of short sharp songs played with precision and power that evoke the spirit of the Descendents and The Ramones, but also add a generous helping of pop sensibilities to the mix. The result is a sweet as sugar, yet tough as nails concoction that
goes down easy but still packs a punch.


The CD is out now!  Click the link to the left to order the CD....... OR PRE-ORDER THE LIMITED EDITION VINYL WHILE YOU CAN!

In February of 2008, the legendary Squirtgun played a blistering live set to a capacity crowd in their hometown of Lafayette Indiana. Ooriginal drummer Dan Lumley played that night, and the show was recorded for all the fans who couldn't be there.  


“Broadcast 02.09.08”, has 19 powerful tracks including an exclusive new song, “Across The Wire”,  and Squirtgun's version of Common Rider's “Classics Of Love”, and clearly shows that Squirtgun is still a force to be reckoned with. 


Available on CD 

One Short Fall's record release party for their debut full-length Nothing Left To Say will be on Halloween at the Whippany American Legion in Whippany, NJ. Doors are at 8:00 and there will be some giveaways for best costumes.


Nothing Left To Say was produced by Dave Parasite from the Parasites.  You can check out some songs on their myspace page:  


We will have more about the band in the next few days, including some MP3s and info about ordering the CD so check back often!

Kid Tested Fall Releases:


We don't know the exact dates yet, but as soon as we do we will let you know.  Stay tuned this fall for these three rockin' new releases.


KTR 005 One Short Fall - Nothing Left To Say : Debut full length from this NJ trio, produced by Dave Parasite.  Think Social Distortion meets Bad Religion with a dash of Green Day and a pile of empty whiskey bottles.


KTR 006 Squirtgun - Live : A killer Squirtgun live show recorded in Lafayette, Indiana in 2008 with the original lineup. All your faves and more.


Coming 2009:

KTR 007: Parasites - Solitary : No one thought it would ever happen, some even hoped it wouldn't, however, the Parasites are back with their first all new studio record in, well....  a looooong time.  


We will post cover art and some tracks for all three releases soon!


Spotted In The Wild:


We haven't seen them ourselves, (should be here in a few days) but here is the proof that the new Sloppy Seconds full-length "Endless Bummer" exists on vinyl. Check out the translucent green!  There is only a limited number of color copies so get 'em while you can.


UPDATE: They're here and they look great! Order now before they're gone.




New Release Update:


There is great news and also some dumb news. Yes the rumors are true, SLOPPY SECONDS are finally releasing their new full-length album "Endless Bummer" on KID TESTED RECORDS. The LP and CD both feature 18 new songs of the musical madness you have come to know and love from the kings of junk rock.

"Endless Bummer" was set to be released on June 24TH, along with a re-issue of the Manges compilation CD "Rocket To You - The Best and More", the Parasites "It's Alive", on CD for the first time, and "Resignation Day", the debut full length from Banner Pilot courtesy of our friends at Go-kart Records. Unfortunately, someone at the pressing plant, which we were using for the first time, found "Endless Bummer" offensive and refused to manufacture the CDs and LPs. We were not made aware of this until late last week.

We have quickly switched to a new pressing plant for all these releases, so, although there will be a slight delay, they will all be out soon and are definitely worth the wait.! Sloppy SECONDS will have copies of "Endless Bummer" to sell on their upcoming tour, and stores will start getting copies of all the releases shortly thereafter.. Anyone who pre-orders from our site will be shipped their copies as soon as we get them.

In the words of B.A., singer of Sloppy Seconds: "You know what? We should actually take pride in this little sideshow. Think about it: Well into the 21st century, when kiddie porn, grisly beheadings, war atrocities and bestiality are all just a mouse-click away, some stupid son-of-a-bitch still believes "Endless Bummer" by Sloppy Seconds is a threat to the American way of life. Halle-fuckin-lujah!"




This is the official home of Kid Tested Records! Welcome to pop punk paradise!


New releases out 6/24: Sloppy Seconds - Endless Bummer, The Manges - Rocket To You: Best of and More: 93-03, Parasites - It's Alive


Coming soon: Debut full length from One Short Fall