Hello folks,


The Bugs formed in early 2005. At first, it started with a couple of us hanging around and talking about how the San Diego scene is horrible and not up to par with what it should be. About 10 beers later and 100 times the confidence, we decided that we weren't taking it anymore. Thus came the birth of The Bugs.


We instantly started shootin' idea's around for song titles and a couple riffs. "Lesbo! Lesbo!" was the first song that came up. This got the ball rolling and the next thing we knew we had a whole album full of genuis, carefully formed ballads. I mean, with songs like "I Wish I Was A Mexican" and "Dave Navarro's Goatee Fucking Sucks", where can you go wrong?


Now we have a new album called “Missile To The Middle East.” And it’s more genius than the last. It has special guests like Ben Weasel, Joe Queer and Blag The Ripper.


Though this isn't much of a bio, but it is what it is. That's the mentality of The Bugs. Having fun, poking fun and taking life and all it's ridiculousness for what it is.



Dangerous Dave


KTR 15

The Bugs - "Missile To The Middle East"   Available on CD only (for now)


Release date to be announced shortly!!!!!