Following the lead of New England greats like the Queers and the Leftovers come The Guts from Portsmouth New Hampshire. Singer/guitarist Geoff Useless writes the songs while bassist/singer David Strong holds down the rhythm section with drummer Jennifer Yakes. "Songs Of Freedom", The Guts long awaited 14 song album was recorded at Sonic Iguana Studios by Philip Hill,  produced by Dave Parasite, and mastered by Mass Giorgini. It also includes guest vocals from Philip Hill, Dave Parasite, and Daniel Gottlieb of One Short Fall.


The tunes on “Songs Of Freedom” cover a lot of ground within the pop punk genre and beyond, and combine melody, aggression and a sense of urgency in a way that every pop punk band aims for but so few nail. The Guts’ take a direct, honest approach to playing music that is so often lacking in the fashion conscious punk bands on the magazine covers. They aren’t very pretty and they don’t move in all the right circles but they know how to write a kick-ass tune and remind you that after all the hype has died down and all the bells and whistles cease to amuse, there’s still nothing like a good old-fashioned kick-ass punk rock band.


KTR 13


The Guts - Songs Of Freedom


Available now on CD -order from Interpunk or REV HQ