The Promdates are a pop-punk trio from Norway. They are inspired by great bands such as Ramones and the mid 90’s Lookout Records bands. Although they come from the land of reindeer and polar bears, they write music that makes you think of the summer and good times. Einar Løkken (Bass / Vocals) and Are Furetværbitt Lund (Guitar / Vocals), two guys with similar tastes in music and beer, talked for years about starting a pop-punk band, but never could, since they lived too far away from each other. Einar finally moved to Alesund, Norway, and when drummer Lars Nerland got on board, The Promdates were born.


The Promdates sing fast, catchy songs about the important things in life: girls, alcohol, parties, movies, and boredom. In April 2008 they recorded their first CD - "Pretty In Punk", which has sold copies all over the world. Now Kid Tested Records is proud to present The Promdates sophomore CD - "Coffee's Hot, We're Not" which will be released in June 2012. The Promdates will also be flying over for thier first ever US tour in June 2012, touring with fellow Kid Tested band Parasites. The tour goes west to Chicago, east to New York, and also includes a stop at the Insubordination Fest in Baltimore, MD. These three guys who grew up in the cold, cold north have arrived, and are ready to melt your brain!


KTR 14

The Promdates - Coffee's Hot - We're Not

Available now on CD - order from Interpunk or Rev HQ