The Yum Yums are from Norway and have been playing, released records, toured and basically been arrogant powerpop-stars since 1993.


Here is one review: "The YUMS YUMS are my No.1, they have created pop perfection" All of their releases are essential to everyone believing in pop music. Only a few power-pop bands can boast this sort of non stop energy-level and write constantly such supercatchy tunes. 20 years after some American bands combined sugar pop melodys with power chords the YUM YUMS are out to continue this idea. Amazing infectious harmonies+ monstrous driving guitar sounds + godlike choruses = THE YUM YUMS."


Still wondering how good they are? How's this:


“The first time I heard the Yum Yums, I couldn't believe there was a band this good that I hadn't heard of before... See, the world’s a fucked up place but knowing The Yum Yums are around makes me feel better and restores my faith in mankind. One thing’s for sure – I’m always walking on the sunny side of the street when I have The Yum Yums in my head.” -Joe Queer


If we had a more proper bio, we would attach it, but who cares about that stuff, it's their music you want to hear and Sweetest Candy is a collection of twenty five of their sugar coated pop punk classics songs.


Morten Henriksen (lead vocals, guitar)

André Dahlmann (guitar, backing vocals)

Ulf Bendiksen (drums)

Vibeke Saugestad (keyboards, percussion, backing vocals)

Egil Stemkens (bass, backing vocals)

The Yum Yums - Sweetest Candy
The Yum Yums - Sweetest Candy

KTR 008


The Yum Yums  - Sweetest Candy (Available on CD only)


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