One Short Fall's debut full length titled Nothing Left To Say has been five years in the making. That's how long One Short Fall has been refining their sound, style and musicianship. Their dedication, persistence and perfectionist mentality over the last five years can be heard in the song writing and production of Nothing Left To Say. 


After playing shows all over the Northeast, One Short Fall released a five song EP titled ...And So It Begins  in 2005. The record was produced and recorded by the members of One Short Fall. 


One Short Fall began to grow into a well known local New Jersey Punk Band by playing with many well-established acts such as TThe Street Dogs, The Unseen, Gym Class Heroes, Murphys Law, Time Again, Darkbuster, Static Thought & many more. Over this time One Short Fall had the chance to play at many well know clubs including Th Knitting Factory in NYC, The Continental in NYC, The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ and CBGBs before it closed in October of 2006.

To start 2006 they recorded and produced 3 new songs, “Fifteen On Three”, “Eternity” and “No One Can Ever Live With You,” that were released for free download on the internet.


In November of 2007 One Short Fall began recording songs for their debut full length at their own Rat House Studio. Dave Parasite, front man of the pop punk band The Parasites and president of Kid Tested Records, worked with the band as producer. 


Almost a year after the first recording session One Short Fall's Debut full length titled Nothing Left To Say will be released on Kid Tested Records. Nothing Left To Say is a collection of diverse songs that are all anchored by punk rock & roll. The album kicks off with “One Way Trip (To Hell),” a straight ahead punk rock anthem with a melody that will never leave your mind. Nothing Left To Say continues on with numerous fast & in your face fight songs like “Fifteen On Three,” “Only Just Begun,” “You're To Blame” and “Fire.” The band shows their diversity in their songwriting with punk ballad “Have We Lost Touch.” The horn section riddled song titled “Wake Up” will keep skankers happy at One Short Fall shows. And Irish drinking song, “Snowfall In Killarney,” comes complete with tin whistle, mandolin, a pint of Guinness and a shot of Jameson. 


Nothing Left To Say is a compilation of the life experiences of the members of One Short Fall and is the culmination of five years of hard work and persistence. Don't let the album title confuse you. You can be sure that One Short Fall will continue to use their dedication and motivation to perfect their music for years to come.


KTR 005

One Short Fall - "Nothing Left To Say"  Avilable on CD only


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