The Parasites formed in New Jersey in the late 80's, with Dave Parasite joining Ron Nole
and Dave Ross, who had previously played together in NJ Ramones-core band, The
Accelerators. In 1992, shortly after their first album on Shredder Records was released,
Dave relocated to California, and continued the Parasites with a new lineup.


During the Parasites' stay in California, the Parasites toured non-stop. They have played
with Green Day, Rancid, NOFX, Bad Religion, The Buzzcocks, Jawbreaker, The Queers,
The Mr. T Experience, The Ataris, Squirtgun, Avail, and thousands of other bands.
The Parasites have released the "Pair Of Sides", "Punch Lines" and "Pair" CDs on Shredder
Records, the "Rat Ass Pie", "Compost", and "Retro Pop Remasters" CDs on Go-Kart
Records, the "Nyquil Fueled Rock Armada" CD on Wingnut Records, and thier version of
the classic Ramones "It's Alive" LP for the Clearview Records series of Ramones cover LPs
that also included Screeching Weasel, The Vindictives, The Queers, MTX and Boris The
Sprinkler. The "Punch Lines", "Pair", and "Nyquil Fueled Rock Armada" CDs were also
released on vinyl by Munster Records in Spain.


After taking a break in late 2003, and later moving back to New Jersey, Dave restarted the
Parasites in early 2006. Go Kart Records released "Retro Pop Remasters", a Parasites best
of CD later that year, and the Parasites toured the US with New Jersey band The Ergs both
backing Dave, and also playing an Ergs set. Dave Parasite also recently released "Pop
Punk's Not Dead", an international compilation CD, in 2007 on Go Kart Records. Next up is
the Go Kart release of "It's Alive" remastered and on CD for the first time, to be followed by
two new Parasites CDs to be recorded this fall. Remastered extended versions of the out of
print Shredder Records CDs are also forthcoming.

It's simple - The Parasites are one of the longest running and most influential Pop Punk
bands ever. They helped define the genre, and never changed their sound to fit the latest
trend. They've released 8 albums, 20 singles, and have songs on more compilations than
you can count. They've done 16 tours, and played nearly 1000 shows all over the US,
Europe and Japan. Pop Punk bands from all over the US, Europe, and Japan have recorded
covers of Parasites songs. The Parasites have done a lot, however, here's two things the
Parasites haven't done: sell out, or give up.


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Parasites - Solitary


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Parasites - Compost


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Parasites - Rat Ass Pie


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