Better Luck Next Time - A Lifetime Of Learning (KTR 011)


1. Charades
2. The Soundtrack to My High School Years
3. Down and Out
4. Love Answers Everything
5. A Better Day
6. One More Time
7. Living In the Airwaves
8. Remember When
9. Trapped Inside Me
10. On My Own
11. Gone, But Not Forgotten
12. Shoebox Memories (demo)
13. Chapters (demo)
14. Second Chances (live demo)
15. In The End (live demo)
16. Remember When  (live demo)
17. Trapped Inside Me (live demo)
18. Living In The Airwaves (live demo)
19. Charades (live demo)
20.  The Soundtrack to My High School Years  (live demo)
21. Truth For Two (live demo)


This special edition of “A Lifetime of Learning” contains 8 bonus tracks made up of the most popular songs from their first two albums in never before released versions.


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