Parasites - Solitary (KTR 007)

Parasites, one of the longest running Pop Punk bands ever, are back with “Solitary”, their first new album in over a decade. 'Solitary' is a smorgasbord of short sharp songs played with precision and power that not only evoke the spirit of the Descendents and the Ramones, but also adds a generous helping of powerpop sensibilities to the mix. The result is a sweet as sugar, yet tough as nails concoction that goes down easy but still packs a punch.


The CD is out now, and a limited vinyl pressing is coming soon.

01. All The Time In The World
02. Real Real Good TIme
03. Stuck On You
04. So Wanna Kiss You
05. Say It Again
06. Breakage
07. Hanging Around
08. Gonna Get You Back
09. Maybe I Don't Know
10. Really Really
11. Say You Love Me
12. The First Day Of Summer

Also available from Parasites: Rat Ass Pie, Compost, Retro-Pop-Remasters and It's Alive.  Click the link to check out those releases.


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