Sloppy Seconds - Destroyed (KTR 10)

Like a meteor, tsunami, and projectile vomit from the Earth’s core, Destroyed blasted across the punk landscape in the fall of 1989…and on the eighth day Sloppy Seconds created junk rock. 

Assembled from retro-fitted Ramones riffs, wickedly funny lyrics, bubblegum hooks, trash culture references, and alcohol-soaked enthusiasm, each of Destroyed’s sixteen tracks rated as an instant classic, making the band’s debut album a greatest hits package unto itself.

Track Listing:

1. I Don't Wanna Be a Homosexual
2. Come Back Traci
3. Take You Home
4. Black Roses
5. Runnin' from the CIA
6. Horror of Party Beach
7. Blackmail
8. So Fucked Up
9. Leavin' on a Jet Plane
10. Germany
11. Janie Is a Nazi
12. I Want 'Em Dead
13. If I Had a Woman
14. Veronica
15. Candy Man

16. Steal Your Beer
17. Time Bomb

Bonus Tracks:
18. Before We Had Cable
19. Don's Guns
20. Human Waste (acoustic)
21. Livin' In the Shadows
22. Playin' With Poison
23. Pubic Beat (rehearsal)
24. Somewhere in the '70s
25. The Horror of Party Beach (demo)
26. Witness
27. Woman From Babylon

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