Although Sloppy Seconds came into being as a result of a wild party thrown by a few drunken friends in the mid-1980s, the band has nonetheless managed to bring the spirit of old school pop-punk into the new millennium with astounding resilience.  Their debut     performance was a clear indication that the band was ready and willing to do whatever was necessary: While drummer Steve Sloppy and bassist Bo’ba Jam were forced to beg and borrow instruments at the outset, singer B.A. began screaming into the microphone simply because he was the only one who could remember the words to the songs.  It wasn’t pretty, but it was pretty loud, and they figured that if the volume was there, they could probably fake the rest.

Apparently, they pulled it off, issuing tHE fIRST sEVEN iNCHES  E.P. in 1987 to rave reviews. But that, as it turned out, was just the beginning.  When the band unleashed  the 16-track Destroyed album on an unsuspecting public in late 1989, the junk rock gospel truly began to spread throughout the country and the world.  

Gigs, reviews, singles, compilation tracks, interviews, and several more full-length CD’s followed.  

Having completed several tours of the U.S and Europe, as well as hosting the Midwest punk fest Sloppypalooza for three consecutive years, Sloppy Seconds next sought to commit a new set of songs to disc.  More Trouble Than They’re Worth was the result, containing ore than its share of trash classics among its 16 cuts.  This was promptly followed by Garbage Days Regurgitated,  a well-received covers set, complete with a wickedly accurate parody of
Metallica’s album art.

The group moves into 2008 revitalized with the release of Endless Bummer, an 18-track manifesto to add to the junk rock canon. The disc’s title might suggest a depressing theme in the hands of a less inspired band,  but Sloppy Seconds promise to make it a fitting new chapter in the story of that never-ending party they started on a summer night years ago.

The Kings of Junk Rock?  Long may they reign.


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Sloppy Seconds - "Destroyed" (Reissue) remastered and including bonus tracks avilable on CD and soon to be available on Double LP. 


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